DJ Management modification for live dj status updates with YP configuration>DNAS

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I'm looking to have a feature recognized which would be of use to most of us with clients that have multiple online djs that are looking to improve on V3 panel of Centovacast sc_trans2 with the dj's imputed title information on the dj programs being updated with the media for each of the dj's sessions

This would incorporate updating the live dj configurations from the DJ Management portions of the sc_trans2 servers for each of the dj's imputed information <djname> <djpassword> by the admin side to update live streams with the titles and modifications imputed by each dj's on the programs they use which would update the YP configuration for the DNAS pages which would in turn update the embedded players as well as the scripting for the streams to show updated information on the fly which is not part of the version 3.0.2 update for the sc_trans2

This would be a very welcome addition to most of our clients on our end which have been looking for this to be updated with the next update possible for the very much appreciated and enjoyed V3 by the CentovaCast team
If anyone knows of a work around or if there is something available to let the individual djs be able to modify and display on the live media sources for V3 sc_trans this would be of much interest