Fallback mount points problem

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One positive of the C.C icecast is automatic switching from autodj to the live source but unfortunately, i never managed to get it to work properly, when i change source from autodj to live, the listeners must reconnect their players to hear the new (live)source, because they continues listening to the autodj list, while playing the live program.

Is this because my live streaming encoder is ogg(traktordj) and the autodj mpeg (because with software with lame encoder(mp3) like edcast does not happen)? What is the reason, is there any solution to this problem, is this happens only to me? Sorry for my english. Thanks in advance.
You need to be streaming to the /live mountpoint for the fallback and override to work.

Are you streaming to /live?
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Yes, the mount point for my external source(traktor) is to /live and i have test with autodj off(after connect the source) and with on..

The centova panel when i connect the traktor, shows the metadata from the live source, but the vlc or other players keep playing the autodj program..untill i press the next button or stop and play again.
This doesn't directly answer your question, but might help with the troubleshooting process...

I've found that VLC is able to easily change codecs on the fly, so if tuning in via VLC doesn't result in the switch from AutoDJ to live stream working, then it's probably not the codec switch to blame.

That said, you likely will encounter problems with most flash players in terms of switching codecs like that.
Thank you for your time, any help is valuable.VLC works a little better than the other players, when i disconnect Traktor, goes to connect in autodj, even show and metadata, but then stops in the process of buffering (not disconnected simply hang)
As shown the problem is the difference between autodj encoder(mp3) and live encoder (ogg,traktor) so my question is it possible to stream ogg with autodj(to much the encoders)?
Yes..finally as shown the ices2 (http://www.icecast.org/ices.php) needed for the ogg coding, unfortunately my host says that can not do anything for that.