Problems With AutoDJ

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Having tested as much as I thought I could (& did) before going 'live', was disappointed to hear my show go out back - to -front despite the care & attention I took.

I have created a number of general playlist as well as a scheduled playlist for my show with 3 x 1 hour long mp3 segments added.

Firstly, despite disabling all the general playlists, the scheduled playlist didn't start at the time I had set it up for.

Secondly, despite ensuring the order of play was how I wanted it to go out on air, it started with Part Two, then when I manually pressed for next track played part three & then eventually doing same, played part two.

Decided to ensure that part three played ok so deleted part one but just went to play part two AGAIN !!!

Then when part three did play, I then enabled one opf my general playlist to start playing after part three finished, only for part three to play once again until I manually intervened.

Still cant believe I did anything wqrong but must have - any tips, advice, cause it's frustrating the hell out of me & before I go ahead & record another show, want to ensure I do it right.