How to configure Shoutcast SID

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I've setup a user in V3.0.1 , and am using Sam Cast as the Source with SID set to 1 but were do I set the SID in the control panel for that stream, as at the moment if I put in in to media player it plays the stream but it also plays the same stream with /2/   /3/  /4/ etc ?

I'm not sure where you're getting /stream/1/ from.  The SID is associated directly with a mount point.  So /stream/ might be SID 1, /foo/ might be SID 2, etc.  I've never seen any situation in which you'd use /stream/1/, /stream/2/, etc. unless you explicitly set the mount point name as such.

Centova Cast doesn't display the SID because it's basically redundant if you know the mount point name.  But if SAM Broadcaster needs the SID, it will be numbered from 1 starting with your first mount point on the "Mount Points" tab.