A little problem retrieving album covers

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 Hi guys,

congratulation for CentovaCast project, is really powerful!!

I bought a shoutcast server for one mounth from a shoutcast provider that include CentovaCast service.

I have a little problem retrieving album covers to display on my server index page:

I followed the instruction of your guide: http://www.centova.com/docs/cast/centovacast_user_guide.php?manual=1 at point 10.2, Cover Albums but I am not able to display them!

The structure of my directories on centovacast FTP is the follow: in root i have the directories /media, /ondemand, /sounds and into /media I have a subdirectory called /single where there are these files: 11 - Scompiglio - I tempi passano - 11 - Alle 3 del mattino.mp3, folder.jpg. I would want to display the picture "folder.jpg" on my server index page, any ideas?

Thank you :)


Ok, maybe I have Understood the problem:

"Also note that if Amazon.com integration is enabled, Amazon album covers will always override any custom album covers you have uploaded."

Unfortunely I think that I can't change this setting :(