Will overwriting an mp3 file require cntl panel intervention for media lib?

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I am trying to setup/configure/automate where I can run most (if not all) of my mp3s in my radio station from the server-side.  I would like to have all my playlists setup and running in hands-free mode (as much as feasible); only, I would like to overwrite certain mp3s that will change twice a week WITHOUT having to go in through the Centova control panel and refresh/update the media library.

So, ..., my question is:  can I ftp and overwrite a particular mp3 file (obviously the same filename) whereby CentovaCast will just play that file in that particular timeslot without having to log-in and update the media library.  (I'm sorry if this isn't making much sense)

In a nutshell, I want to automate the ftp of a certain mp3 file into the radio lineup without having to log-in to the control panel and "refresh" the media library.

Thanks for your help!
Yes, that'll work fine. 

The only caveat is that the artist, title, and length (in seconds) of the MP3 in the media library won't be updated when you do this, but that's currently only used for display purposes so it doesn't matter to Centova Cast.  Centova Cast v3 will eventually use the track length for scheduling purposes, but v3 also automatically detects and reindexes any files you upload via FTP, so it won't have any impact there either.