Upgrading from v2 to v3

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The latest build of Centova Cast v3 (released a few moments ago) includes the long-awaited v2-to-v3 upgrade utility that many of you have been asking about.

The upgrade utility is not really an upgrade utility at all -- it is actually an import utility used to copy your accounts from Centova Cast v2 into Centova Cast v3.  This is necessary due to the substantial differences in how v2 and v3 operate.

The upside of this is approach is that your v2 installation is not modified or interrupted in any way as a result of running the utility.  Your accounts remain intact in v2, and your streams remain up and running, both during and after the account transfer.  You then have the opportunity to poke around in v3, confirm that all of your accounts were migrated successfully, and perform any testing that you want to perform before decommissioning v2 and activating all of the transferred accounts in v3.

If anything goes wrong, all you have to do is blow away your v3 installation, reinstall v3, and try again -- nothing in v2 is modified so you can redo the procedure as many times as needed.  Also note that there is an easy way to repeatedly reinstall Centova Cast v3 in an automated manner.

To try out the upgrade utility, perform the following steps:

1. Read and understand this notice: This utility is EXPERIMENTAL and has not yet seen heavy testing in production environments.  PLEASE EXPECT BUGS.  It's very unlikely that it will work for everyone on the first attempt.

2. Install the latest build of Centova Cast v3 (released a few minutes ago).

3. Follow the instructions in the manual to transfer your accounts from v2 to v3.

Please let us know of any problems you encounter!  The upgrade utility is the final missing component of Centova Cast v3, so finalizing it and ensuring its reliability is our top priority at this time.
Steve this option is excellent.

Unfortunately I have several old servers which have been very reliable and those are still running php4. Is it possible to get a php4 version of the export tar (or a standard non-ion cube php file which could be run?).

I'm not sure if it would be possible, but it would be nice if the newer centova 3.0 server could "do the work" and import from the older servers that way no files would need to be applied to the old centova 2 servers?

I try to prepare a upgrade from v2 to v3 on the same server. Reading instruction about upgrade i can not find exportv2.tar.gz. Where is that archive?
Can someone to upgrade that documentation with right information? Are a little bit confuse.