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I paid for a license. I've tried to install both 2 and 3 of Centova Cast.

I'm getting the SAMMMMMEEEEE Permission denied. Now you can call me a jerk, rude, whatever, but when I pay for a service, I expect good support to the best of their ability....so far things are NOT looking good.

[root@samp tmp]# chmod -c a+x ./install.sh
[root@samp tmp]# .install.sh
-bash: .install.sh: command not found
[root@samp tmp]# ./install.sh
-bash: ./install.sh: Permission denied
[root@samp tmp]# sudo ./install.sh
[root@samp tmp]# ./install.sh
-bash: ./install.sh: Permission denied

WHY is it that I have followed your instructions to a T and I'm STILL getting permission denied??!?!?!?!!?!?! Either I get an answer soon, or I will file a dispute with PayPal cause I'm sure another Shoutcast provider will be MORE than happy to provide a faster response time
1. That error has nothing to do with centova.
2. Why didn't you pay for professional installation service if you're not able to do it yourself?
3. Every questing is answered( with a proper answer) if you create a ticket in the client area.

try chmod 755 install.sh and then sh install.sh

this is the (default) OS behavior...
  • alle is correct that this has nothing to do with Centova Cast - you have probably mounted /tmp noexec.  Check /etc/fstab.
  • The reason you are still getting this despite following the installation instructions "to a T" is because this is not the standard way to mount /tmp, and we don't explain every possible external contingency in the installation manual or it would become an inch-thick compendium of information.
  • The support team is working the helpdesk as always, Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm Pacific.  You're posting in a venue that is explicitly advertised as "for community support only; not an official support medium" so I don't really understand the tone of your message.  If you want "support to the best of our ability" for the product you paid for, use the official support medium we provide and you will get exactly that.