Forum Rules

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This forum is for technical discussion regarding Centova Cast and related streaming software.  If you're having a problem with Centova Cast or the
software with which it integrates (ShoutCast DNAS, IceCast, ices-cc, etc.) please post here.

Forum rules:
  • Please do not post feature requests, general discussion, or other non-technical issues here.  Use the Feature requests and General discussion forums for that.
  • Please consult the knowledge base before posting.  Posts with common questions answered in the KB may be deleted.
  • Your question has probably already been asked -- please use the "Search" link (above and to your right) to search the forums before posting.
  • Advertisements of any kind are prohibited, including offers or requests for license sales or employment.
  • This forum (like all of our forums) is not regularly monitored by technical staff and there is no guarantee of a reply here.  If you need a reply from Centova Support, please do not post here -- contact us directly instead.
  • Derogatory/inflammatory/complaint posts will be removed, as will posts containing libelous, defamatory, illegal, misleading, adult-oriented, or otherwise damaging content.  In short, just play nice!