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Im planing to buy 2 lifetime centova licences ,now im using Trial version for tests , but i didnt find any solution to export statistics its very important if you are selling afully managed WEBradio services , you have to show every month statistiques to your clients etc ...

is there any MOD  to allow that ?

warmest regards,
Hello HoussaM,

Centova Cast will compile monthly track royalty reports. You'll be able to download this reports in csv format under the statistics menu, the first day of each month (after a month has actually passed).

For more details see: http://www.centova.com/docs/cast/centovacast_user_guide.php?manual=1#5_5_Tracks
Last Edit: February 17, 2013, 09:14:16 am by Roger
I am rather flabbergasted by the csv playlist report since transferring to the lastest version of centovacast in March. In the previous version these reports seemed quite straight forward and it was apparent how many listeners were listening to each show. However now I find multiple entries in the playlist csv for the same show (on the same day same time etc). Given that we broadcast two streams, one at 192 and one at 128, I thought this could account for two entries but we literally have 20-50 for each show/track being played. I am not able to give DJs of shows a concise figure of listeners for their shows. It does not seem to matter whether the broadcasts are live or prerecorded (tracks). I would like some more information on the statistics as I can't seem to find anything more comprehensive then the paragraph in the user manual. Any help would be appreciated.