Forum Rules

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This forum is for general discussion of Centova Cast v3.  This is not a troubleshooting/bug report forum.

Forum rules:
  • This forum is for Centova Cast v3 issues only.  v2 has its own forums.
  • Please do not post technical problems or feature requests here.  Use the Bugs and Issues and Feature requests forums for that.
  • Please consult the knowledge base before posting.  Posts with common questions answered in the KB may be deleted.
  • Your question has probably already been asked -- please use the "Search" link (above and to your right) to search the forums before posting.
  • Advertisements of any kind are prohibited, including offers or requests for license sales or employment.
  • This forum (like all of our forums) is not regularly monitored by technical staff and there is no guarantee of a reply here.  If you need a reply from Centova Support, please do not post here -- contact us directly instead.
  • Issues regarding billing, order approvals, cancellations, pricing, policies, and other issues not directly relevant to the product itself must be sent to our heldpesk.  Any such posts here will be removed.
  • Pleasant constructive criticism is fine, but derogatory/inflammatory/complaint posts will be removed, as will posts containing libelous, defamatory, illegal, misleading, adult-oriented, or otherwise damaging content.  In short, just play nice!

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