Sc_trans v2 No Sound

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Hi guys I have setup a station with shoutcast 2 and autodj using sc_trans 2 the station is working ok but if I put it public I get no sound.

I have purchased a licence key from nullsoft and I have entered the details in the station setup page, the station works private but not public. Looking at the logs there isn't any errors about license key etc so I am baffled lol.

Any help much appreciated.  :)
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Have you update the Authhash ?

After every change you made you have to update this.
Not sure how you do that, the authash.

Can you please tell me.

Thanks. details everything about the DNAS's authhash management.

Thanks guys for the help  :)
what admin/password combination is required here? I tried to log in with the station username|password and was not able to do so.
for the authhash stuff in the v2 DNAS, user is always admin (though i'm starting to wonder if that should be changeable but that's me just waffling) and the password would be whatever has been set as the DNASr's adminpassword configuration option i.e. the master password for the DNAS. anything stream specific like that set for 'streamadminpassword' or 'password' or 'streampassword' will not work (and definitely not the last 2 ever as they are just for the source connection to the DNAS).

hope that makes some sort of sense.