ic-kh (CC2.2.6)

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I was just wondering if anyone else out there is running into any issues in using  IceCast-KH recently.

Around the beginning of installing it, it ran fine for such a long time, now all of a sudden, its like breaking everything in centova.   Even doing a complete uninstall/reinstall of centova or installing on a brand new server and adding IC-KH, it just breaks everything.

So I was just curious if anyone else happens to be running into "any" problems at all with IceCast-KH
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We've been using KH in centova for years without issues. The only problem we initially had was that KH didn't alias to the admin status xsl file, but that was easily fixed. Other than that its been plain sailing.

What do you mean when you say its breaking everything?

Also, are you using the latest version of KH? 2.3.3-kh5 is the current (on karl hayes github)
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