MP3 license key Question

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This question is really for DrO but it has to do with the mp3 keys, even though I have it in big red letters on my sales page about the requirement, also it's in my getting started video, clients still seem to have a hard time getting the point, even though it's only $5 (which is more than fair), some clients even just ask for refunds,  I also think that many of my clients just don't know English all that well and don't fully understand -- whatever the reason I see now I will loose sales with this so I am planning on taking care of the mp3 keys for the the clients, is this ok, will there be (now or in future) a type of reseller option for providers like My Auto DJ? Am I legally allowed to buy the keys for my clients? Could I pre-pay for some keys, does the name have to be the clients or can it be something like my company name or would I have to wait to buy the key after I get the order (clients name)
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Could you not just buy a load of them and move them around as a client leaves? Even charge $1 per month for those clients who don't understand or want to pay the small $5 charge.

Though that would depend on the licence agreement.
It's meant to be one license per station (which can consist of multiple streams for a station).

However who or what is using a specific license key is unknown plus how you interpret which streams relate to a station and what you count as a station would depend on how things are run.

So i believe you are ok to purchase a license key for your clients if needed. I hope that makes sense.