Problems with file manager

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Hey I need some help,

I installed beta 3 with shout 1 n 2 sc_trans2 n icess-cc

Everything looks good on the install but when i go to file manager in a shoutcast v1 with auto dj using ices-cc I get an error like if its not formated right or something.

Anyone have any advise on how to fix this.

Ill try to get a screen shot n upload it to here

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I have the same problem. it is probably a minor bug...
Indeed, it's a debug message that slipped through and it's already been fixed for this morning's upcoming build.  If you update in an hour or so from the time of this post it'll be fixed.
Thanks for the update, resolved the issue for me file manager.
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Thanks Steve, Its fixed on my end

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I dont know if this has been covered in another topic. When I upload my files via web uploader i am able to manage them using media library. However if i upload using ftp on cron, I can see the files when i click the file tab but when i go to media library i can not see the file. Is this a bug or does it mean in centova 3 its imperative to use ONLY web uploader?