GeoDns - or automatic IP detection of country and language directing

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I wonder if something like this is possible with internet radio.

I was wondering if its possible somehow to do this with shoutcast streams to detect where they are and play the localized language stream.

I just started using GeoDNS which has the ability to host one web site in multiple web servers in different countries. Using GeoDNS we can detect and match the IP of the user in a country to goto the closest web server. eg USA IP address goto our USA server, and German IP addresses goto our DE server.

This can be useful to us as we can tailor the local content and deliver the content faster to the user.

I could see this as more useful for shoutcast, as then we can have different languages supported to be played to the listener. Is this something that centovacast could do in the future or something we could do with some external GeoDNS setup which links to the managed centova streams.

Upcoming releases of Centova Cast are going to focus heavily on clustering and multiple-server use, so the ability to send users to the geographically-closest server in a cluster is a definite possibility.

As for using this to play localized streams that's a bit of a different proposal -- you'd need to run completely separate streams for each language, and direct the user to the correct IP+port combination for his locale.  I'm not sure that there would be a huge demand for this as a "stock" feature but it's certainly not difficult to do -- you'd just use IP geolocation to determine the origin country, then serve up a different playlist file depending on which country the listener is coming from.  It would only take a few lines of PHP code to write something like that up.