is it possible to use my v2 license on v3 Beta without my v2 server up yet

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thank you, yes that makes sense.  I did get the file back now so continuing on..

I'm still struggling with my main issue which the sticky doesn't seem to help concerning Connection refused (111)

When attempting to start-ccd

its already running, so I stop it and start in debug mode and I get:,
Reading symbols from /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/cc-control...done.
Licensed to George L...,
Centova Cast RPC server build 20121026.62 listening on

This looks correct, but I'm not sure of to much lately, is it? 

If so, what do you think is causing this issue.

Its my only hangup now.  It was connecting until the license issue where I ended up replacing my license with another.
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