mysql tuning?

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Hello. we have load Mysql server: centovacast has 800 queries per minute , can anybody have ideas optimize it?
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Centova generate over 500 queries per minute (peak 2 000 queries)  all time (24/7)
60% queries: select
I don't speak Russian so the screenshot unfortunately doesn't tell me anything, but nothing in Centova Cast should be generating 500-2000 queries per minute unless your users are hammering the server while logged in.   The caching we perform on the public-facing content should prevent this kind of impact on MySQL even if your widgets/start pages are getting slammed.

The first thing I'd suggest is making sure this actually has something to do with Centova Cast.  The screenshot you provided definitely doesn't do this -- you'd want to check the MySQL process list to see what queries are being executed.

If you confirm that the queries are coming from Centova Cast, then something must be going wrong on your CC installation, in which case we'd need to know which queries are forming the bulk of the load on your server in order to diagnose the problem.