Windows Media Guide

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I attempted to get my station listed on Windows Media Guide and was told by their team that I needed to remove the HTMLView from my streaming link .asx file they said my file still contains the following line <PARAM name="HTMLView" value="" ?>  how do I remove the HTMLView and will it cause any issue?
In /home/centovacast/system/config.php add:

Steve, I think he is talking about Microsoft Media rejected his station because his ASX file was rejected, as it had a link to his staion.


Here is a sample ASX file which was accepted by Windows Media:

<ASX Version = "3.0">
<Title>LAs HOT Country</Title>
<Title>LAs HOT Country - HYBRID Country / Texas / Nashville / Indie</Title>
<ref href = "mms://"/>
<author>Stream provided by</author>