Demo Unknown and Demo - Station Name

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Maybe I am missing some config that needs setting but currently I am not able to show the currently playing song/artist when using V3 as a relay. IE account set up as ShoutCast DNAS v2.x with no AutoDJ and being fed via a third party player?

All that is being shown within the "Recent tracks" listing is, Demo Unknown and when looking at a stream through a player such as Wimamp or VLC all you see is: Demo - Station Name.

Can someone tell where the setting is to alter this on V3 as I have several streams all showing this. Now before anyone says I realise this is still a BETA version but surely this should not be showing?

PS I have licensed my version using my original V2 key encase that makes any difference?
This has nothing to do with Centova Cast -- you need to set the metadata in your source client (the "third party player" that you mentioned is feeding the autoDJ to ShoutCast DNAS).