Ban for agent type ripper ?

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it is possible add bans only for agent type  which can rip ?
I'd find this useful too.

It's a bit pointless reporting the presence of rippers without the ability to do anything about them (such as ban them automatically, at least temporarily).
Without being in the connection path between ShoutCast DNAS and the listener/ripper, there is nothing Centova Cast can directly do to prevent rippers from connecting.

The only option would be to ban their IP addresses, but again, Centova Cast is not notified of connections to the ShoutCast server since it's not in the connection path, so it would not be a realtime solution... it could only be done by continually polling the ShoutCast server which isn't really efficient.

Also bear in mind that many applications can serve as both players and rippers (such as Winamp).  There's no way to know how it's being used on the client side, so even if we did autoban IP addresses using known ripping software it wouldn't provide you any "real" security.