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To the create account with shoutcast 2 and sc_trans 2, apparently centova set four ports or more (shoutcast2, djport, djport2, adminport). When set 'auto' in field port , the system set ports each four numbers, example account A, port 8000, account B, port 8004, etc

The problem is that in some occasions, ports of sc_trans 2 is marked how used. In centova is possible, set the cicle of ports that are assigned?

Hmm... I was just about to tell you that this was fixed a couple of builds ago, but checking the code, it wasn't.  Not sure what happened there as I diagnosed this issue a couple of weeks ago and I distinctly remember changing the port number in the code.  Grr.  Anyway, it'll be fixed for the next build.

The problem was that I misunderstood the sctrans2 documentation (imho it's a bit vague about port usage) and I understood it to require one less port than it actually does.  I believe between sc_serv2 and sc_trans2 it actually requires an allocation of 5 different ports.
potentially it needs 5 ports, but it really depends on how the v2 tools are setup.

with the DNAS, it is either 1 or 2 ports needed. there is always going to be portbase and portbase+1 if accepting v1 based sources assuming that support hasn't been disabled or changed via the 'portlegacy' option (this will be new to the next release and allows for changing the port used or disabling it completely).

with the Transcoder, it is 0 to 3 ports needed. the first is the adminport if required, though this is only needed if the api interface is actually being used. then it is up to 2 for the DJ port support which covers v1 and v2 client connections (depending on what is setup for them to use). the setup of the DJ ports isn't as simple as it should be and i've recently changed things so that just setting djport will setup things so that the port needed in the DJ client is the same irrespective of the protocol version being used (it basically does djport and djport+1 to mirror the DNAS behaviour).

agreed, the documentation about this side of things probably isn't as clear / simple as it should be.

The issue I had was that djport actually opens djport+1 -- this actually IS noted, explicitly, in the sc_trans v2 documentation, but the note appears below the djport2 directive (not the djport directive).  In my haste, I hadn't read down that far. :)  My mistake, really.
hmm, that shouldn't be the case as http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcast_DNAS_Transcoder_2#DJ_Support shows it just below and i see the same thing with the text version (unless it was something i'd messed up with one of the earlier builds). oh well, at least you should be sorted now which is the main thing.