Build Announcements

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During the beta cycle, announcements of new builds will be made available in this thread.  After a new build has been released you can install it by simply running:

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This thread is read-only; please post any bug reports to the v3 Bugs and issues forum, and general comments or inquiries to the v3 General discussion forum.
Last Edit: June 26, 2012, 03:05:12 am by Centova - Steve B.
NOTE: This build has been temporarily taken offline due to a PHP 5.4 compatibility issue that slipped through unnoticed.  Will be fixed at some point later today.

New build available.  Changes:

  • Added --icecast-fromsrc parameter to `upgrade --add icecast` to build IceCast from source tarball
  • Added new AJAX-based event and system log viewer in the admin area
  • Upgraded to PHP v5.4
  • ices-cc will now build on Ubuntu
  • Various bugfixes

Last Edit: June 26, 2012, 03:22:53 am by Centova - Steve B.
New build available.  Changes:

  • Fixed PHP v5.4 incompatibilities

New build available.  Changes:

  • Tracks can now be moved up/down in the playlist editor by increments of 25 or 100 by holding Ctrl or Shift
  • Pressing the backslash key in the admin accounts list now brings up the filter dialog
  • Added progressive search to the filter dialog in the admin accounts list, with 1.5 second delay
  • When filtering the admin accounts list with a keyword that returns exactly one match, pressing Ctrl+Enter in the keyword field will auto-login to the matching account
  • Filter dialog now has keyword field focused by default
  • Escape key now closes the filter and new account dialogs
  • Added new, simple backup script (/usr/local/centovacast/sbin/backup)
  • Both web and application server now honor UPLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT in centovacast.conf
  • Fixed bug in which multiple mount points might not work correctly
  • Fixed bug in which tune-in links generated .pls-style playlists even if another format was selected

New build available.  Changes:


Switched to php-fpm for FastCGI process management
Pressing the backslash key in the media library now focuses the library search field
Added example of displaying album image and buy-now link to Stream Details widget


Fix errors which prevented cron job from running
Fixed incorrect generation of on-demand content download URLs
Fixed broken logo image in password reset system
Fixed protected member access in password reset module
Files uploaded/copied/move to ondemand are now set as world-readable to permit web access
Fixed inconsistent use of SELFREF_OVERRIDE and SELFREF_HOSTNAME
Fixed glitchy client header display if song/bitrate info was blank
Several other internal changes
New build available.  Changes:

  • Upgrade cc-system.conf with new ionCube loader version, fixes _il_exec error
  • Fixed missing reference to cc-system.conf in app server startup
  • Fixed broken intro/fallback file upload

New build available.  Changes:

  • Included 'common' package update which was missing from last build

New build available.  Changes:

  • Reinstated experimental ices2 support
  • Included reference to stream username in all server/source commandlines to aid in easier process identification (ps aux, etc.)
  • Upgraded application server to PHP v5.4.5
  • Fixed bug in which logs would be rotated every 5 minutes
  • Fixed incorrect (cosmetic only) "ERROR" message at end of verbose cron job
  • Error handling in
  • Fixed bug in which XML parser would fail to skip certain comments
  • Fixed issue in identifying album titles
  • Removed old cc-appserver script

New build available.  Changes:

  • Added raw configuration file editor
  • Added log rotation system
  • Added /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/setssl to automatically enable/disable SSL for the web interface; fixes #1766
  • Added help page for update utility
  • Better relay configuration interface
  • Updated init script to handle reloads more gracefully
  • Upgraded to ffmp3 0.4.6
  • Bit rate slider value is now preserved when changing tabs; fixes #1488
  • Corrected port number allocation for ShoutCast2
  • Fixed NaN in bit rate in client area header
  • Fixed ShoutCast v1 Flash player incompatibility; fixes #1719
  • Fixed bug in which accounts with unlimited disk quota could not login via FTP; fixes #1757
  • Fixed bug in which application lists weren't correctly populated with application data
  • Fixed bug in which data transfer may not be recorded for some streams
  • Fixed dynamic reference to static method in AccountEditor
  • Fixed function redefinition in ices2 module
  • Fixed handling of headings with no items
  • Fixed issue with redirects in SSL mode
  • Fixed regression in event log viewer which prevented page navigation
  • Renamed backup utility to 'simplebackup' in anticipation of more complete backup system in future release
  • ShoutCast v1 + icescc streams now load and save correctly; fixes #1756
  • Unknown countries now display as "Unknown" on statistics page instead of "null"

New build available.  Changes:

  • Modernized WHMCS module (PHP5, modularization, module logging, etc.)
  • WHMCS module now supports custom fields (port, ipaddress, etc.) for use as email merge fields
  • WHMCS module now supports package upgrade/downgrade
  • WHMCS module can now fetch data transfer/disk usage information from Centova Cast
  • WHMCS module generates a different source password to appease ShoutCast v2
  • WHMCS module now displays Centova Cast stream information in WHMCS client area
  • Added mount point limit option to WHMCS module
  • Modernized Centova Cast PHP API client to use PHP5 syntax
  • Removed Centova Cast PHP API client's dependency on HTTPRetriever
  • Added sumanage, a passwordless alternative to ccmanage
  • Added the 'usage' System API method to retrieve resource utilitization info for all accounts
  • System class' provision API method now returns information about the newly-created account
  • fixperms now sets permissions on SSL configuration directory
  • fixperms now sets permissions on sumanage binary
  • setssl utility now sets appropriate privileges on SSL certificates and (more importantly) private keys
  • AccountFields::get_assoc() no longer returns mount points when specific fields are requested
  • Corrected typo in init script

New build available.  Changes:

  • Rewrote Amazon,, and iTunes modules to be faster and more efficient.  Test, and test heavily!
  • Added --debug=max for maximum debug verbosity
  • Crossfade length is now user-editable under sc_trans2
  • Improvements to file-based caching system
  • Increased default max children for php-fpm
  • Moved event script system to a plugin and reimplemented it to use cc-control to execute third-party scripts
  • Hooked upgrade utility into cc-app installer; database updates should apply correctly now
  • Database is now more thoroughly cleaned up when an account is deleted
  • Fixed bug in which cached data might not expire in some situations
  • Fixed bugs in upgrader version comparisons
  • Fixed timezone definitions in php.ini
  • Logs are now rotated every 24hr instead of every 5 minutes (ugh)
  • Many internal and documentation changes

New build available.  Huge changes in this release:

Resolution for server load issues:

  • Optimize and greatly improve performance of autoDJ song advancement system
  • Streaming server status updates are now read-time limited (previously only connect-time limited)
  • All streaming server types now use a unified HTTP request mechanism for retrieving status
  • Fallback playlists are now more efficiently generated
  • Album data source modules now time out if the remote server takes more than 20 seconds for a single request


  • Experimental nginx-based port-80 proxy support
  • Added options for automating the web-based portion of the installation
  • Added utilities page
  • Added raw database manager
  • Updater will now run sbin/preupdate before updates, if it exists
  • Updater will now run sbin/postupdate after updates, if it exists
  • Added context menu option to force-reindex a single album
  • Add support for interactive debug logging


  • Upgrade to nginx 1.2
  • Default-value selector 'auto' is now case-insensitive (for IP addresses/ports)
  • Improved database table optimizer in nightly cron job
  • M3U importer attempts to automatically detect and convert M3U character sets to UTF8
  • M3U importer performance improvements
  • SHOUTcast v2 log processor now detects and skips corrupted log entries
  • Suppress SQL errors while purging tables during account deletion
  • Increased status retrieval timeout from 5 to 8 seconds for SHOUTcast/SHOUTcast2/IceCast
  • Added log entry when autoDJ is failsafe-restarted
  • Process monitor now ignores processes that have been intentionally stopped
  • Recent tracks widget now consults streaminfo widget to determine stream status before showing "Now playing" for latest track
  • Removed custom https variable which is built-in in nginx 1.2
  • Build scripts now exclude ALL PHP process execution functions for security
  • Billing modules now encoded in PHP5 mode (dropped PHP4 support)


  • DJ entries are now correctly indexed in sc_trans2 config files
  • Fixed bad path to upgrade script
  • Port numeric string JSON patch from CCv2.2
  • Added priority values to update spec files
  • Add missing CException class definition to NextSongApplication
  • Fixed harmless warnings during installation
  • fixperms now correctly sets nextsong template path permissions
  • Fixes for strict standards compliance
  • Correct some issues with removing album covers from albums
  • Fixed bug in album lookup
  • Fixed display issue when updating albums from media library
  • Fixed issue with function removal in PHP build process
  • Improved accuracy of iTunes album lookups

New build available.  Changes:

  • Widgets, start pages, and the client area status bar now consistently use the stream's timezone and locale
  • Upstream-maintained files are now properly overwritten during upgrades
  • Fixed bug in which unknown requested songs would be emailed without the song title
  • Fix timing of user agent deproxification
  • Fixed regression causing duplicate stream status icons in client header
  • Fix issues with port 80 proxy.  (Still in progress, still experimental, still probably largely nonfunctional.)
  • Various internal changes, fixes, and improvements

New build available.  Changes:

  • Correct mount points are now passed to the port 80 proxy
  • Live listener stats now reflect actual (non-web-proxied) listener IP addresses
  • Fixed warning during installation of cc-web

With this build, the port 80 proxy should now be functional and ready for testing.
New build available.  Changes:

  • Fixed default mount point detection to resolve port-80 proxy issue with SC2
  • Fixed bug in update script which prevented IceCast installation
  • Fixed character mapping issue when viewing logs
  • Fixed broken Home link in admin area header
  • Fixed typo in setproxy script
  • Fixed typo in ices build script