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v3.0 FAQ

  • How can I install Centova Cast v3.0?
    Please refer to the installation manual for installation instructions.

  • Where do I download v3.0?
    You don't.  The installer takes care of that for you.  Please see the previous question.

  • What are the system requirements for v3.0?
    The system requirements are noted in the installation manual provided above.  The software prerequisites for v3.0 are minimal compared to prior releases; all you need to provide for Centova Cast v3 is virtually any modern CentOS or Debian server with a working MySQL installation, and Centova Cast's installer will handle the rest for you.

  • Can I install Centova Cast v3.0 and Centova Cast v2.x on the same server simultaneously?
    Yes.  Centova Cast v3.0 will not interfere with any existing Centova Cast installation on your server.

  • How can I upgrade my Centova Cast v2.x installation to v3.x?
    Refer to the Upgrading from v2.2 section of the installation manual.

  • Can I use my Centova Cast v2.x license with Centova Cast v3.x?
    Yes.  Simply follow the standard v3.0 installation instructions and use current license key with the installer.

  • I see there is WMS support in v3.0.  Does Centova Cast run under Windows now?
    No, the Centova Cast web interface still runs on Linux.  To add WMS support, a utility is provided which you can install on your separate Windows server which allows the Centova Cast web interface to remote-control your Windows server (and Windows Media Services).  More information about this is provided in the installation manual mentioned above.

  • Where do I obtain the Centova Cast Windows Control Daemon?
    In your client area at centova.com, click "Manage product licenses", click on your Centova Cast v3.0 license, and you'l find it in the downloadable files list. (Coming soon.)

  • I have found a bug or am encountering a technical issue.  Where can I ask for help?
    If the problem is urgent and requires prompt attention, open a support ticket with our helpdesk.  You may also use the Centova Cast v3 Bugs and Issues forum.

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