ices-cc v0.4.2 released

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that ices-cc v0.4.2 is now available on the ices-cc homepage.

This release is only of interest to those using ices-cc without Centova Cast, or beta testers of Centova Cast v3.  Clients using Centova Cast v2 do NOT need to upgrade ices-cc and will see no benefit from doing so.

This new version includes the following changes:

  • added MinCrossfade setting to specify a minimum track length for which to enable the crossfader
  • added CrossMix option to crossmix tracks at 100% volume (instead of fading) by Daniel Pettersson and Rolf Johansson
  • script pm: now supports accepting playback time limits from scripts
  • script pm: relative script paths are now treated as relative to the ices binary path rather than an arbitrary compile-time module path
  • script pm: non-filename output from scripts is now better handled
  • added ices_log_error_output() to write error messages directly to the logfile when possible rather than just storing them
  • added typecasting to correct dozens of compiler warnings
  • fixed double-free in script pm during empty-filename scenarios

As ever, while we hope these improvements will be of use to the public, Centova Technologies is NOT the maintainer of the ices0 project and does not provide support for ices.