Centova Cast as Streaming Source (stand-alone?)

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Hi all,

Is there any way to use Centova Cast as standalone Streaming Source software, connecting it to an already working server?

It's because we already use sc_trans2 beta5, with the dj feature, and want to Centova Cast connect as a dj with low priority to our server so we can override it with another dj login (for live broadcast).

Actually the server is working that way, but without Centova Cast, or something that manages the playlist.

Any clue?

Thanks in advance,

This is not officially supported but technically yes, it's possible.  Create an account in Centova Cast and on the Advanced tab set "Use server" to "No".  For the stream IP address and port, enter the IP address and port of the remote server you want to source.  For the source password enter the source password configured on the remote server.

Once that's done, when you click Start server the autoDJ will connect to the remote server instead of starting a local one.

Again, beware that this is not officially supported and lots of Centova Cast features won't work without a local server (including statistics) but many clients have reported success in using it for custom scenarios like yours.