[Help] Obtaining cc_stream_info_title for PhP

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I'm wanting to build elements of a website that reacts to the cc_stream_info_title information for a friend's online station (they have the javascript codes from their Centovacast backend). 

Djs current put the station name and their name in their Sam Broadcaster's encoder Station Name.

Is it possible to grab the cc_stream_info_title information and have php do an if statement (I'm still new to php so that might be wrong) to determine web page elements and update them?


The DJ puts "Awesome Radio - Sam" as the station name, so the PhP on the website will check for that information and determine what it is, set say "$current_sam" for php to then go

"if $current_sam = echo dj name and image

Can anyone help, or point me in the direction of helpful information, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Centova Cast will not recognize custom markers, you'll need to parse the metadata directly from Shoutcast's xml interfase and then arrange it as you need.

Needles to say this will take some programing skills.