Unlimited license

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I have a unlimited license since 2010 and today appears this:

"ERR License violation: This installation of Centova Cast is not licensed for the domain (my ip server). Please obtain a valid license for this domain. . "

What is the problem???

That usually means you moved your Centova Cast installation to another server, or the domain / IP of your current server has changed.

Anyways, what you should do in order to fix this, is simply re-issue your license. To do so, please follow the next steps:

Login to your client area at centova.com.
Click "Manage Product Licenses" and select your Centova Cast license.
Click the "Re-issue license key" link. 
This will authorize the reissuance request on our end. Next, you just need to tell Centova Cast to request a new license.  Login to your server via SSH and run:

/home/centovacast/system/runascc/runascc exec ccmanage reissuelicense newhostname.com

Note: The above line may appear word-wrapped, but it should all be entered on a single line.  Replace newhostname.com with the new, fully-qualified domain name on which you'll be running the Centova Cast control panel.

The license change will take effect immediately.