Centova Cast v2.2.6 Released

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Centova Cast v2.2.6 is now available, which fixes some regressions introduced in v2.2.5.

The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v2.2.5:

  • Fixed bug in which streams might be detected as unsourced during a live broadcast
  • Fixed bug in which "Top x" selection boxes on statistics pages may be blank
  • Reseller accounts are now suspended if they exceed their resource limits
  • Improved server/source outage detection
  • Better detection of Windows Media Player in user agent lists
  • Better protection against PHP's memory limits when processing log files
  • Fixed potentially bad formatting in CSV track report
  • Fixed a potential security issue
  • Fixed potential JavaScript error in listener maps
  • Fixed broken proxy tune-in URL
  • Fixed drag/drop issue with IE8
  • Fixed potential problems with JSON output for certain data sets
  • Fixed redirect issue when using Centova Cast on SSL servers
  • Fixed problems with numeric-only artist and album names
  • Fixed potential race conditions in stream state detection
  • Fixed bug in which gzip format would be assumed if zip was unavailable, even if gzip was also unavailable
  • Live statistics performance optimizations
  • Fixed potential problem in M3U importer account identification
  • Added metadata parsing for .oga files
  • Fixed a rare bug under PHP4
  • Fixed bug in invoking playlist_advanced.sh
  • Fixed a potential compatibility issue with certain point releases of PHP v5.3
  • Fixed potential empty BCC in "Bit rate limit exceeded" notification email