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Centova Cast v3.2.10 Released

June 21, 2017

Centova Cast v3.2.10 is now available. This release introduces several security updates, improvements and bug fixes.

The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.2.10:


  • Modernized all Javascript widgets to use modern data-attributes instead of relying on kludgy element ID hacks
  • Documented CSS class names used for all widgets to allow customization by station operators
  • Improved validation of mount point configuration fields
  • Improved accuracy of resume point detection when processing logs that haven't been rotated
  • Updated to latest versions of Pure-FTPd, OpenSSL, imlib2, and libzip


  • Fix total bit rate calculation when user has misappropriated the /live mount point on a non-autoDJ stream
  • Fix IceCast mount point display when no autoDJ is in use

For more information about Centova Cast, including screenshots, please visit the Centova Cast product page or contact a Centova Cast sales representative.