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Title: Release Notes
Post by: Centova - Steve B. on March 06, 2011, 02:59:46 pm
v3 Quick Links

v3.0 Changelog

Composing a complete change log for Centova Cast v3.0 was somewhat difficult, as v3.0 represents over 2 years of development work and a rewrite of approximately 75% of the Centova Cast code. Accordingly, this list mentions only the most notable changes in the v3.0 release, and we strongly recommend giving it a try for yourself to experience all the new features and functionality.

Major New Features

Minor New Features

Notable Improvements

Notable Fixes

Again, this list represents only the most significant changes in the v3.0 release.  To experience the full range of new features and functionality, we encourage you to try out the Centova Cast v3.0 Live Demo (http://castdemo.centova.com).  You are also welcome to order a free 14-day Centova Cast v3.0 trial license (http://www.centova.com/pages/trials) to try out the new release.
Title: Major Changes
Post by: Centova - Steve B. on June 26, 2012, 02:55:57 am
v3.0 Major Changes

Clients who have been using Centova Cast v2 should be aware of the following major changes in the way Centova Cast operates.